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This is ONLY for Business owners who want a million dollar breakthrough
in their company

This is why you need to come on the Working Vacation
Over the last 5 years, we’ve helped business owners get out of the weeds of working IN their business…
…to get the big breakthrough that can ONLY be found by being ABOVE the business

About Adam Lyons

Adam has spent the last 5 years helping frustrated business owners overcome being overworked and underpaid in their business to help them get more sales while on vacation.

Here is a list of some of his achievements over the past few years.

Two-time 2 Comma Club Award Winner

"Wicked Smaht" Award Winner

Forbes Published Writer

Consulted 1,900 businesses during the pandemic

Generated over 8 figures in his own business by implementing his business systems.

Helped thousands of business owners get much better cash flow in their company while on vacation.

We Get Real Results for Real People

Inside the Working Vacation You'll Get

The fastest way to generate new sales

With The Product Creation Template you will easily get a boost in sales from past customers because our product development system will literally show you what your customers are itching to spend money on.

Get paid to go on vacation

Thanks to our product development system, our clients receive a boost in sales using our offer creation processes when they launch their fully developed new product with a complete offer off the back of the vacation.

Grow your company while working less

Our “Productivity Hat” system makes it easy to get more work done in less time thanks to our accountability team on the vacation making sure you get your work done, while still enjoying the vacation!

Get Expert Help INSTANTLY

Having a support team of experts on the vacation gets our clients rapid solutions to problems in their company that have been an issue for a while with our personal business team on the vacation to get you past sticking points DAILY!

Are YOU the Kind of Person We Are Looking For to
Join Us on the Working Vacation​?

We know the people who get the fastest and best results from this program fit a certain set of criteria…

We’re looking for someone who already runs a business who is frustrated at their current cash flow with a desire to boost sales through developing a new product or offer while on an amazing networking and mastermind vacation!

We’ve found that if you have a customer base of at least a few hundred past customers and an active social media following then not only is it easier to work with you, the results you get from the program will lead to some of our most impressive testimonials.

Naturally that means you will be enjoying the incredible results you get too!

While this program can get results for absolutely anyone, we would prefer to work with people who are already earning a low 6 figures a year or more in their business and those kind of people tend to be dedicated to growth AND frustrated that they’re not growing as fast as they should be.

If any or all of this sounds like you, then you could be someone we would like to have join us on the Working Vacation.

Who the Working Vacation is NOT for.

We know that the people who get a boost in cash flow the fastest with The Working Vacation all fit a certain type of criteria. We also know the characteristics of the people who are most likely to fail. 

Because of this, we don’t just let people buy their way into the program. We don’t want money from someone who we can’t help. If any of the following criteria sound like you, I can confirm that the Working Vacation is not for you.

The Working Vacation is NOT for you if you aren’t willing to invest in your own growth. In order to get big program result you’re going to need to:

We know that only a certain group of people check the boxes we are looking for but… we KNOW we can get them results. This is why we offer a complementary consultation before we let anyone into the program to be sure that this is the right decision.

Here's How You Get the Working Vacation



Applying to join the program costs absolutely nothing. However, to insure that our members gets the best results there is a capacity to how many people we let in at the same time.


Secure Your Spot

While you are always free to book a consultation with us, there is no guarantee that you be let in right away as you may be put on a waiting list if we are at capacity. The sooner you get on the waiting list the better. So don't delay booking your consultation.


Get Your Consultation

We only work with people we know we can help. If you have read this far then there is a good chance that this is you, but if we can’t help, we will be transparent about it.

Hi, I'm Eve Lyons

I am the head of enrollment for our program.

I would love to jump on the phone with you and give you a personal consultation to see if the Working Vacation is right for you.

Please fill in this application form, so that I can schedule a private consultation with you.

This consultation is absolutely free and you are not obligated to sign up right away.

I just want to get to know you and see how we can help!

Hope to chat to you soon, my friend!

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