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The Earn While you Sleep Program

The Earn While you Sleep Program

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Sean Sessel
Sean SesselThe Oculus Institute
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"I'm a pretty skeptical guy. But I was able to knock out everything on my list. You know, even some stuff that came up that I hadn't expected. So I'm very happy with the results. I've got my headlines redone, I've got my entire content marketing strategy, and so really happy with the results. The only regret is that there's so much wonderful free food here that I've eaten more than I should."

Hi, I'm Adam Lyons

I help Frustrated Entrepreneurs overcome The lack of sales in their company to get the revenue they need to grow their business.


  • War Room “Wicked Smaht” Overall Winner 2021
  • 2x Click Funnels “2 Comma Club” Winner
  • Generated over 8 figures of revenue in my own company while still having time to play games, travel the world and spend LOTS of time with my family


I have spent the last 5 years helping THOUSANDS of people get more sales in their business, while working less and Building programs that are easy to run and grow and I’m excited to help you too.

Farhad Irani
Farhad IraniVidstatic
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"The working vacation works. I came in kind of uncertain about what I was doing, not knowing the clear platform. I now have the entire year outlined for me. And I'm really excited. Uncertainty is the biggest killer. Now I have a roadmap and I'm really, really excited for the future. Whereas before I had a lot of fear."
Chris Titcombe
Chris TitcombeThe Wealth Architect
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"I needed growth and, and just to scale but figuring out this next step was really daunting for me. Not only did we outline an entire content schedule, I made 12 videos and got the next month of content locked down. I already have seven leads, I've had three sales calls this week, and probably the most powerful thing was Adam. The other guys that are here, they're all doing slightly different things to me, but Adam's over our shoulder, helping us do those things and get it right."
Victor Pierantoni
Victor PierantoniThe Zen Stoic
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My initial doubts in wanting to actually come onto this cruise were the fact that I was going to be away from my business for an entire week. I had a ton of projects that were just lingering things like starting my YouTube channel. I was surrounded with people who were supporting me and wanting me to win. I got to actually create 12 YouTube videos of full video indoctrination, a sales letter, and I couldn't be happier with the results that I got of this cruise. This is exactly what you and your business need.